Let Lavalu pave your path to freedom!

Choose only what you need on every order.

Image Correction (Our most popular service) – starting at $0.26/image

Spot on color isn’t always easy, and it can be one of the most tedious parts of editing any shoot. Let us provide you with accurate and customized global image corrections, and leave you with more time for the fun stuff. Priced at $0.26 for raw images, $0.29 for jpegs.

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Artistic Editing and Retouching – $55/hour

From easy changes like black and white conversion and dodging and burning to complete make-overs involving head swaps and body contouring, Lavalu’s talented team can do it all! You specify your priorities, and we speed through the work. Priced at $55 per hour.

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Culling – $0.07/image

Why spend your time wading through thousands of images, when we can quickly sort through them and choose the best ones for you?  Our culling work is all done by editors who are  wedding photographers themselves, so all criteria from image quality to image content is carefully weighed to make you look your best.  Priced at $0.07 per image considered.

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Album Design – $3, $6 or $9 per side, you choose your price

If designing your own albums has you in the doldrums, our creative graphic design team and their unique custom designs will leave you shouting hallelujah.  Thee pricing tiers ensure that you only pay for what you need.  $3/side for Vanilla Designs, $6/side for Classic Designs (our most popular) and $9/side for our Unlimited option.

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